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To compliment our commercial janitorial services, JOB DONE offers general building maintenance to meet our clients needs for their respective facilities.

As part of our full service capabilities we provide the following Facility Maintenance Services:

– Drain Cleaning
– HVAC Filter Replacement
– Light Bulb Replacement
– Touch Up Painting and Detailing

– Air Quality (facility deep cleaning)


JOB DONE's exterior cleaning services take the pressure off you! Whether you want to remove graffiti, eliminate mildew or simply keep exteriors clean, we have the knowledge and equipment to expertly care for your building environment, including walls, statuary, parking lots, walkways, roofs and gutters.

Our team can safely remove virtually any type of substance. Services include:

  • Surface preparation

  • General cleaning

  • Facade cleaning

  • Degreasing

  • Sanitizing

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Substance disposal



Dirty windows are not only an eyesore but they reduce the amount of light that can come into a room from the outside. Clean windows are very apparent to anyone entering a room or facility and this is especially true when the window area is large like grand lobbies or display areas. Don’t allow dirty windows to create a poor public image for your business - JOB DONE is here to help you make your image sparkle.

Window washing for your facility can be provided as an add-on to your routine janitorial services contract or as an independent, one-time service. Services include:

  • Outdoor Window Cleaning Services:  outdoor window care for commercial businesses, for both public and private sector spaces. 

  • Indoor Window and Mirror Care: Many buildings and facilities feature indoor windows and mirrors to increase the functionality or ambient lighting available. JOB DONE provides window cleaning services to help you show off that extra, spotless and streak-free appearance you are looking for!


Call us to schedule a site visit today (954) 801-9431.

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